Israel’s Danites

The Tribe of Dan

The Tribe of Dan, one of the Twelve Tribes of Israel, was known as Israel’s defender. The Danites were also known as seafarers. That much is in the Bible and more. Samson, who slew smote the Philistines hip and thigh, was the ultimate Danite, Judges 13:24 to 16:31. He slew 1,000 with the jawbone of an ass. Danites were charioteers who guarded Israel’s borders. They were also the only seafaring Israelites and may have emigrated to Mycenae, or had a colony there, after the Exodus for a people shows up in that region known to Homer as the Danaoi who subsequently leave the area for parts unknown. Among the golden grave ornaments in their Greek home at Mycenae was found one that seems to depict the Ark of the Covenant.

Another legend says that the Danites knew the secret places under the Temple Mount and rescued the Ark of Covenant taking it to a place of safety. The Dome of the Rock, a Muslim shrine, sits atop Temple Mount. There are voids and passages underneath but Muslims do not want them explored. They deny the existence of Solomon’s Temple and do not want it found as it would enhance an ancient Jewish claim to Palestine. If the Ark was hidden there, or even if it remains there, this might never be known. But, perhaps it was removed by the Danites.

From Mycenae, where did the Danites go? 200 years B.C., during the Roman Republic, Rome was already importing tin from Cornwall in England. Julius Caesar sailed to and fought campaigns in England. It isn’t difficult to believe that people in this dark age might have sailed to Ireland. Irish legend says that the prophet Jeremiah sailed to Ireland with Princess Tea Tephi, a member of the Israelite royal family. As evidence they present the national symbol, a harp, which is also associated with King David.

There is comment here on Biblical history and on legend. Nothing is said about Mormon theology or the Mormon assassins known as Danites who punished apostasy with throat slitting, an act of love as this was the only way the apostates sin could be forgiven. These were men like Brigham Young’s adoptive son, Porter Rockwell, whose real record of murder put the legendary exploits Clay Allison and Billy the Kid and even John Wesley Hardin to shame.

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  1. Ashq says:

    and received cotairmfnion to do something different?The reason I ask is because if you have, then your prophet could be deemed false. Why?President Benson Taught In Declaration #1, in the Doctrine and Covenants: The Lord will never permit me or any other man who stands as President of this Church to lead you astray I would believe that God wouldn’t allow his chosen seer/revelator to lie to his true church.Of course people have their own opinions on things, but I have never once heard in my 3 years of being a quasi-member of the LDS church a prophet stating It is my own personal opinion that so and so .. Why would it be important for them to say that? Because how else would we know if he’s talking directly from God or just speaking his own mind. That could create some rather serious doctrine that was just made up through personal opinion.Now, if everything you prayed about has fallen in line with the Prophet, this could be viewed two different ways. One is the way you probably view it It’s because he has spoken truth and God confirmed it for me. On the other hand, it can be viewed as I’ve been told continually through church, sunday school, hymns, conferences, magazines, articles, from even the prophets own mouth, that I can never be led astray by the Prophet. While on the back-end, your mind is being pumped full of visions of the paradise/reward that awaits you. And when you pray about it, the mind (being powerful) manifests that burning bosom inside of you It seems that we as humans naturally enjoy visions of pleasantry, and the brain does its best to bring that into reality for us If we don’t follow the prophet, we will never receive that reward..

    • Karen says:

      I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and is divine enivedce that Joseph Smith is a Prophet and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true. I am continually in awe of how powerful of an impact the Book of Mormon has on the lives of those who read it including myself. The change it creates in its readers cannot not be contested, the spirit will radiate from their countenance declaring that These things are true. Many people believe that a young boy seeing God the Father and Jesus Christ is impossible, that those types of miracles are too hard to believe. Nothing with God is easy. If it is worth it, it is going to be a trial to get it. It is so with gaining a testimony that Joseph Smith saw what he saw, that he translated the Book of Mormon and restored the Church again on the earth. To know we have to put forth the effort but it is worth it to know, because it is true.

  2. Diana says:

    It’s not unusual for cults like this to have a group of eorfncers. I thought immediately of Jim Jones and his little band that killed the congressman and some others as they began to depart from Jonestown. This same group stood guard as the sects members willingly drank the koolaid that claimed the lives of some 900 of them. The period of history mentioned in the above article was quite violent in the United States. Remember bloody Kansas and the killings that took place in the controversy as to free and slave states entering the union? I visited Virginia City, Montana a few years ago and was fascinated by the story of the vigilantes there in the mid-18th century. In one day, I believe five men were lynched, including the sheriff. It’s all recorded in a book called A Decent and Orderly Lynching . The line came from an editor of a Salt Lake City newspaper who bemoaned the fact that a black man had been beaten and dragged about and then hanged for some crime. The editor came out on the side of decent and orderly lynchings and not these indecent disorderly affairs. Context is everything. The spirit of the times that the above article references, would not preclude groups like the Danites. I’d have to try and run down the source, but I remember one of the LDS leaders in Utah having a man castrated because (the man) wouldn’t give-up claim to a young woman who the leader wanted to make one of his wives. Maybe someone else can reference the story.

  3. Aaron says:

    John C.I remember vivildy the General Conference a few years back when Hinckley made his now infamous comment on women and their wearing of only a single pair of earrings. My wife, who at the time had been wearing two pairs of extremely simple and subtle earrings, IMMEDIATELY removed the second pair. If that’s that having the thinking done for her, then I don’t know what is.I’m sure you are quite capable of doing your own thinking, as are all members of the LDS religion, but it’s dangerous to make decisions that conflict with those of the church, wouldn’t you agree? Those who dare to step outside of the prescribed lifestyle as dictated by church leaders risk disfelowshipment or excommunication. In order to be considered a member in good standing, a Latter Day Saint must fully submit to the church’s standards and conform to each and every one of their ideals.You should be well aware of the Temple Worthiness Interview, during which a member must answer a series of questions to prove their worthiness to enter the temple. It’s either conform or lie (or be honest about any failures and weaknesses and risk being barred from temple attendance).By all means John, please start doing your own thinking and maybe someday you’ll realize that the LDS church is keeping you in bondage. Life is too short and too precious to be a slave to a false belief system.Good luck in your journey.AJ

    • dhocking says:

      Who is John C.?

      There is no reference to the Mormon Danites in this article. It is about the Tribe of Dan in Israel. There is no relationship, unless of course, you believe that you, and all Mormon’s are biologically Israelites of the lost tribes. That is the doctrine, isn’t it? In which case, of course, the Danites are among the Mormons to this day.

      The guilty flee where no man pursues.

  4. Deng says:

    Sharon,I am going to play a bit of devil’s advocate here. First, in order to do so, I will ferely agree with you that the Danites existed. However, and here is the defense they are not a central part of Mormonism. While Mormonism does have a violent side (many religions do), it is not integral to the faith as violence is in Islam. Mormonism existed before and after the Danites.The sticking points that I see are: the Danites were possibly created by Joseph Smith directly, Smith and Young were at the least aware of the Danites and possibly directed them, and the Danites along with the political ambitions of Mormon leaders during the mid to late 19th century show a group in transition in every respect theological, political, sociological, etc.The Danites did exist and it is absurd to dispute the fact. The questions are: how large were they, when did they start, when did they end, how influential were they, and what was the relation of the GA’s (including J. Smith) to them.It is clear that in the quote you gave that B. Young lied. The violence perpetrated by Mormons, both real and imagined, was fairly well known across the country. I would even be willing to state that some of the Mormon violence was justified (self-defense). However, I think it is clear some was not. My question is how much did all of this play in giving unction to the powers that be in Washington to thrust Utah into statehood minus polygamy?

    • dhocking says:

      Don’t know who you are responding to. Who is Sharon?

      The Danites referenced in the article are the Tribe of Dan, one of the Twelves Tribes of Biblical Israel. They were known as sailors and as the defenders of Israel. Samson was a Danite, and a fine one, too.

  5. Robert J Fleig says:

    What makes the TV series “the bible” depict Samson as a negro and omit homosexuality as cause for Sodom’s destruction?

  6. john foster says:

    danites derived fron son ,13 son of Jacob the trive fell out of favor for idol wrship and rev ilatin 7 makes no mention of dan tribe at the end battle

    • dhocking says:

      Didn’t they all? That’s how the 10 tribes of Israel got lost. Even though they were the seafaring tribe, I don’t think they had many warships. Just sayin’.
      The tribe of Dan is mentioned several times in Bible history, always as the protector of Israel and sometimes as sailors.

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