Grand Canyon Mysteries

According to the mountain men, there were little, shy Welshmen throughout the west, but especially in the Grand Canyon, where they hid in holes in the ground when strangers approached, pulling in the stone blocking entry behind them. We know from Edgar Allen Poe’s observation in his story, “The Murders in the Rue Morgue,” that even animal grunting can sound like an unknown foreign language. So we need not trouble ourselves with the Little People being Welsh. They might have been speaking almost anything.  Ute, Paiute and Shoshone share a language and inhabit the Great Basin and Colorado Mountains to the edge of the great canyon. All have stories of a shy, but powerful, little people who hide in caves and possess great magic.

Slot Canyons are narrow crevices that cut deep into the earth. There are many along the Grand Canyon where water from the plateau 5,000 feet above has to make rapid descent into the Colorado River. They are wonderfully mysterious and beautiful and provide passage and access from one level to another although they are deadly places to be caught during a storm as there can be no escape.





High above from the canyon rim, visitors name the rock formations after temples. Here in the slot canyons who could not imagine a temple?




Anasazi Trails penetrated the Grand Canyon. The Hopi, their descendants, have secret trails to this day by which they descend to gather salt and other materials. The ancients traveled by perilous hand and footholds incised into the rock joined by wooden bridges that still exist and single-pole wooden ladders. The built granaries and villages on narrow shelves and under rock overhangs. Apparently, they were completely fearless when it came to heights and climbing.

Pictographs The ancient dwellers in the Grand Canyon left behind their painted artwork in rock shelters nearly impossible to access throughout the deeps. These painted beings had unusually broad shoulders and on their chests seem to repose rectangular and square tablets covered in strange writing. These bear an eerie resemblance to the costumes worn by ancient Hebrew High Priests.


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