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Doug Hocking is an independent scholar and author of fiction who has completed advanced studies in History, Ethnography and Historical Archaeology and lives and breathes Way Out West. His principal interest is in New Mexico Territory from the Mexican War up through the Civil War. It was an exciting period when the land was new and isolated from the rest of the country and violence ran at its high mark. Following leads from source to end he is learning about the Santa Fe Trail, the Fur Trade, the Mexican and Civil Wars, the Apache, the Penitentes and percussion cap weapons.

“I’ve found that the way to know history is to learn about the tools people used, the landscape, the trails, the climate and the economics of the times until the options open to people begin to make sense. I try to express that both in fiction and history writing.”


Doug was raised on the Jicarilla

Go-Jii-Ya Celebration

Apache Reservation at Dulce, New Mexico, attending school there and at Ivy League Prep, Stony Brook Boys School, and finally, graduating back in New Mexico at McCurdy High School in Santa Cruz. He enjoyed his years at McCurdy and tries to stay in touch with friends there and on the Reservation. McCurdy is in Santa Cruz near Chimayo on the High Road to Taos so you’ll find digital photographs of this region in the galleries.

Santuario de Chimayo

Son Eric in Taiwan

Joining Army Intelligence out of high school, he spent the next 25 years adventuring around the globe in at out of the Army, winning a college degree from the University of Maryland and entering graduate studies at a Chinese University and later at Arizona State in ethnography. In the Far East many of his friends were probably employed by a variety of intelligence agencies and many of his foreign contacts were agents of their governments. The Far East was full of mystery and wonder for a boy from the mountains of New Mexico and he stayed to stare fascinated like a man watching a train wreck.

Bored with graduate study he reentered the

11th ACR in the field

Army as an Armor officer serving with the 6th and 11th Armored Cavalry Regiments and completing his career by instructing military intelligence officers in the art of war. Along the way he picked up a wife, Debbie, two children, Eric and Jenne, numerous dogs and ten acres of land southwest of Tombstone within sight of the Mexican border. Eric now serves as a warrant officer with Army Special Forces and Jenne is in the Signal Corps. Over the last 20 years Doug has taught college, built and sold houses, and entertained tourists with tall tales. He’s also graduated with Honors from the American Military University in American History and done graduate study in Historical Archaeology, spending the summer of 2011 at the Fort Massachusetts Field School. Nothing has been as satisfying as writing historical fiction and historical research.

Along the way, he learned about photography starting early by taking photos on the the Reservation with an old Canon camera. Later he graduated to a Canon AE-One Program and finally to digital photography using a Canon Power Shot SX20 which emulates the AE-One in digital photography. He uses Paint Shop Pro 7 as his “darkroom” for processing digital photographs. Less versatile than the Adobe product, perhaps, it is also less expensive and easy to use.


Winter in the Huachuca Mountains from my Home in Arizona

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