Chaco Canyon Mysteries

The Mystery of Chaco Canyon

The American Southwest is a land of mystery and one of its most mysterious corners is Chaco Canyon. Archaeologists puzzle over a hundred mysteries involving Chaco and can’t even agree as to what these mysteries are. It all depends on your point of beginning. After writing about Chaco’s mysteries, it occurred to me that the general public might have no idea what these are or might be unfamiliar with the wider mysteries of the Southwest.

Chetro Ketl from the Mesa Top

Here is an explanation of the mysteries that impacted on the Mystery of Chaco Canyon including those from the East Coast of the United States, Scotland and the Holy Land. The mysteries are real, their explanations imaginative.

I have directed your attention to sources on the Internet. Do not be surprised if they do not agree completely with my summaries or with each other. People find mystery at the edge of science. Answering these mysteries is the legitimate pursuit of the scholar, but not all those working on the fringe are scholars. Some are kooks. On the other hand, those settled in to the comfort of the status quo don’t want to experience the new and amazing even when the exploration is legitimate and conducted in a scholarly manner. Read of the mysteries of Chaco Canyon and you’ll find that the scholars agree on very little. These are the legitimate, fully vetted, published, respected scholars working from important universities, not the kooks.

On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, I am a scholar of history and historical archaeology, though naturally drawn to the leading edge where new ideas are fodder. I try to test theories scientifically employing Occam’s Razor – “Where two theories equally account for all the facts, select the most elegant solution.” The rest of the week I’m a novelist and wouldn’t want an elegant solution to get in the way of a good story.

The Ten Commandments and the Name of God are carved on a rock outside of Albuquerque in ancient Hebrew. No one knows who put them there. The dialect and writing style was unknown when the rock was discovered. The ‘elegant’ solution ignores the evidence of great antiquity assuming that Israelites could not have done the carving so it must be a forgery. But what if we accept the evidence of great antiquity? Never let comfortable assumptions get in the way.

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  1. dhocking says:

    I hope you took time to look at the sub-headings and some of the links. I will readdress these as time goes on. You are certainly welcome to discuss and ask questions and I’ll answer as best I can.

  2. Naomi says:

    Wow, nice photos! It tolatly looks like backdrop paintings or a BG shot from “Cars”:). In fact, right when your blog loaded I was thinking WHAT! For a second there I thought you had made some “grand” painting until I realized it was a photo. It’s really beautiful and I bet no photo or painting can do it justice. Just one of those things you have to experience for yourself. I’m definitely gonna make an effort to go there on my way to Cali, when that day comes.Thanks for sharing and have a splendid day:)Hans

  3. Adil says:

    This is such a beautiful place. It’s a stagnre thing to see something that grand. Every picture is beautiful, but still there is a spark that is lost. The feeling of being surrounded all the way around you is pretty breath taking. I visited here when I was looking at schools, way back when. I’ve not forgotten it or a smaller place called Sodona. WOW! Pretty powerful landscapes. It’s a nice thing to feel small sometimes.MAC

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