Tombstone can be hard to photograph. Looking in one direction the eye takes you back to the 1880s and then some tattooed creature with its pants down around its knees walks full into the shot spoiling the illusion. It is not a beautiful town like Bisbee. Tombstone’s boom ended too early while the town was still young and dressed in false fronts. During the Great Depression, folks took down second stories to beat property taxes. And the town refused to die.

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  1. Leon says:

    Stayed there couple mths ago heainrg it was haunted, but had no specifics.We filmed our room 309 while out dining just for curiousity. wasnt until we got home watched video and a little apparition of a boy appears n plays with our belongings for 12 mins straight. After seeing that footage we investigated history on internet and heard all about a boy and how there are alot of accounts of him roaming the halls of 2nd n 3rd floor and how he supposedly resides in 309 the most but also 312!Creepy

  2. Scott says:

    We made it down to Tombstone, unknowingly for Wyatt Earp Days in May 2013. Being an old west buff, loving history and the southwest it was a great time. I had the chance to meet Doug at Boothill and bought a couple of his books. I’m almost done with Point of Rocks. Great guy and well written stories. I’m hoping to get back down there in January and seem some more sights.

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