Photo Gallery to Massacre at Point of Rocks

Danny’s story starts at Greenport, an old whaling port Out East as the eastern end of Long Island is known. It’s really more a part of New England than of the Middle Atlantic states. His father had run a chandler store supplying equipment and supplies to ocean going

Danny’s Home Greenport, Out East, L.I.

ships. Danny has a little money and his dream is to go West and trade with the Indians and maybe meet his hero, then popular in the writings of Fremont, Kit Carson. In Independence, Missouri, he’s taken under the wing of a mountain man and joins a caravan for Santa Fe.

Fort Osage near Independence

A store in the west

Trappers with Kit Carson


Goods for Santa Fe

Buffalo along the Santa Fe Trail

Where the deer and the antelope play

Round Mound landmark on the Cimarron Cut Off

Point of Rocks

Springs at Point of Rocks

Kit’s House at Rayado

Horno at Rayado

Learning to shoot

Shooting Competition

Lucien Maxwell’s House

Santuario de Chimayo, the Lourdes of North America



Preparing the feast

Fandango, Rex Rideout

Piedre Lumbre

Piedre Lumbre

Go jii ya

Trade goods

Jicarilla Baskets

Go jii ya Runners


Clans face off

Burro Alley, Santa Fe

Santa Fe

St. Michael’s Santa Fe

Golondrinas Rancho


Taos Pueblo

Old Church Taos, destroyed during Taos Revolt 1847


Church at Abiquiu

Dragoon in summer uniform

Brakes of the Canadian River