Sketches for Massacre at Point of Rocks

When I first wrote Massacre at Point of Rocks, I wanted to include some sketches I’d done. Here they are:

Remington .44 cal

Barclay’s Fort

Dragoon Trooper at the Charge

The Church at Abiquiu

Dragoon Colt .44 cal

Freight Wagon

Dearborn Wagon

Jicarilla Drummer

Dragoon with pistol, saber, and musketoon


Dragoon Cap

Basket Maker

Danny’s Knife

Hawken Rifle

Jicarilla Maiden grinding corn

Kit’s home at Rayado

Kit’s home in Taos

A warning

Santa Fe

Walker Colt .44, powder flask, caps, and balls

Church at Trampas

Jicarilla Camp


Santuario de Chimayo