Events Schedule

January 2016

12th                  Tuesday          Mystery Book Club    Tucson                        11:30 to 1:30

 February 2016

3rd – 7th            Wed to Sun     Tubac Festival of the Arts      Tubac

13th                  Saturday          Wild West Days         Tombstone      Boothill

 March 2016

12th – 13th        Sat – Sun         Tucson Festival of Books       Tucson

 April 2016

2nd                   Saturday          Rose Parade                Tombstone      Boothill

14th to 17th      Th to Sun        Arizona History Convention            Yuma

 May 2016

28th                  Saturday          Wyatt Earp Days        Tombstone      Boothill

June 2016

July 2016

August 2016

18th to 21st    Th to Sun         Indian Market               Santa Fe        Eldorado Hotel

27th                 Saturday           Western National Park Assoc. Oro Valley                      The Graves at Dragoon Springs 12 p.m. and 2 p.m.

September 2016

1st                   Thursday  Cochise County Corral of the Westerners  Schieffelin Hall Tombstone   The Graves at Dragoon Springs 7 p.m.

3rd to 4th          Fri to Sat       Showdown in Tombstone           Boothill   Tombstone

17th                     Saturday       Tombstone Territorial Days      Boothill    Tombstone

October 2016

1st to 2nd         Sat to Sun          Art in the Park                             Sierra Vista

7th to 9th         Fri to Sun           Patagonia Fall Festival              Patagonia

21st to 22nd     Fri to Sat            Eldorado Days                            Boothill      Tombstone

30th                   Sun                     Dia de Los Muertes                  Tubac Presidio Park

November 2016

4th                    Friday                 Pathfinders                               Arizona Historical Society Museum, 2nd St. Tucson       The Graves at Dragoon Springs    6 p.m.

5th                Saturday             Empire Ranch Fall Roundup  Empire Ranch near Sonoita

December 2016

January 2017

2nd                   Monday                 Green Valley Corral of the Westerners   Green Valley  The Life and Times of Tom Jeffords        3:30 p.m.

5th                   Thursday              Prescott Public Library           Prescott     The Life and Times of Tom Jeffords     5 p.m

17th & 18th     Tues & Wed           Sanguinetti House                   Yuma           The Life and Times of Tom Jeffords  7 p.m. on the 17th and 10 a.m. on the 18th

February 2017

1st to 5th           Wed to Sun           Tubac Festival of the Arts       Tubac

11th                     Saturday                Wild West Days                     Boothill        Tombstone

March 2017

11th & 12th        Sat & Sun         Tucson Festival of Books  Amigos & Ladies of the West

April 2017

4th                      Tuesday             Sierra Vista Library                Sierra Vista     The Life and Times of Tom Jeffords   1 p.m.

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