Dan & Roque Adventures

In 1849, Danny Trelawney came west and met Roque Vigil. They became fast friends. The following are adventures in which they were involved.

Rio Taos (1830s & 40s) The childhood of Roque Vigil and his cousin Sebriana, known as Doña Loca, is explored as he becomes the ward of Padre Antonio Jose Martinez, the most powerful priest in New Mexico and a mysterious man and Sebriana finds herself in the household of Doña Tules, Santa Fe courtesan. A novel not yet written.

Massacre at Point of Rocks cover 7-8-13Massacre at Point of Rocks (1849). In 1849, Danny Trelawney came over the Santa Fe Trail from his home in Greenport, L.I., NY, and met Roque Vigil and Kit Carson. Kit took the boy under his wing and together they traveled to the Jicarilla Apache camps to do some trading and observe their great Go Jii Ya ceremony. Soon after, Ann White and her baby daughter were taken captive by the Apaches and a reluctant Kit was recruited to scout for the dragoons. Along the way, Danny grew to be a man, came to understand Kit Carson as a hero and became close friends with Roque. Historical fiction.

Red Wall Canyon (1853). This is a story of survival in the Southwest involving Kit Carson, Dan and Roque in a sheep drive from New Mexico to California. Historical fiction, written but not yet read for the printer.

The Battle of Cieneguilla (1854-5). Jicarilla Apache all but wipe out two companies of dragoons in a battle almost forgotten but nearly as monumental a fiasco for the army as Custer’s fight at the Little Big Horn. Dan, Roque and Kit Carson experience the battle and its lengthy aftermath as the Jicarilla and Utes are hunted and hounded until they are no longer a threat. Historical fiction, written but not yet ready for the printer.

Rio Bravo (1856) Jicarilla Apache, Peregrino Rojo, heads east along the Santa Fe Trail to the Mississippi where he boards a steamboat and passes himself off as a Spanish grandee who likes to gamble. Flush with cash he makes his way to New Orleans and the French Quarter, finds love and disappointment in the Irish Channel. Novel, not yet written.

Mystery of Chaco Canyon display internetThe Mystery of Chaco Canyon (1860-63). A quest is pursued across the southwest as battles rage on all sides. Dan, Roque, Sebriana and Rojo are followed by the most mysterious villains the Southwest has to offer. Along the way they have to solve the great archaeological puzzles of the southwest to reach their goal.

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