Western History

The Old West Daily Reader is a calendar-based way of enjoying the History of the

Robert Boyle father of the Old West Daily Reader

American Wild West; a collection of word-bytes about the past; historical hors d’ oeuvres intended to be enjoyed on their own merit, or to psyche you up to go out and find more of this complex and wonderful story. Well over 1,000 pages of interesting and valuable information…



Epic of Bisbee Gary Dillard has written hundreds of thousands of words about Bisbee,

Gary Dillard

Arizona history. Starting in the summer of 2012, he will begin publishing these histories as the Epic of Bisbee. The first book will be titled “All Women and Children Keep Off Streets Today,” a history of the 1917 Bisbee Deportation.  There is additional information on Facebook at Epic of Bisbee




Musketoon, 1st Dragoons

An ongoing excavation of rarely seen documents from the pre-Civil War Army, and the stories within. Very good primary information about the First Regiment of Dragoons, US Army.