Here are some of the recipes from meals described in my books:

Captain Ewell’s Soda Bisquits

Danny’s Eggs Poached in Chili

Dona Loca’s Calabacitas (Summer Squash)

Dona Loca’s Mexican Hot Chocolate

Great Western’s Chicken Pie

Josepha’s Arroz Dulce

Josepha’s Enchiladas and Refritos

Kit’s Corn and Bean Soup

Kit’s Dutch Oven Bisquits

Kit’s Spotted Dog

Lucien Maxwell’s Beef Stew

Owen Bray’s Saffron Chicken and Honey

Owen Bray’s Starry Gazy Pie

Posole and Basic Red Chili Sauce

Rojo’s Fried Bread

Roque’s Huevos Rancheros

Roque’s Red Chili Potatoes

Roque’s Salsa Fresca

Sebriana’s Pollo con Arroz

Sebriana’s Pollo con Mole

Teresina’s Corn Chili Pudding

Verde’s Chili Verde con Carne

Verde’s Green Chili Stew


We find Authentic Indian-Mexican Recipes by William Hardwick, 1965, very useful. It is available on Amazon and at many National Parks and State Parks throughout the Southwest. You’ll want to replace canned and dried products with fresh whenever possible.

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