Massacre at Point of Rocks

Possible Massacre cover1 (3)Massacre at Point of Rocks was released by Treble Heart Books March of 2013.

A map of the regions in the story can be found at Maps.

Massacre at Point of Rocks was inspired by a Paul Hutton article in Wild West. After reading it, I set out to learn about the people involved, the times, the terrain and the tools. The story is about a boy coming to manhood meeting his childhood hero, being disappointed and coming to understand the real nature of heroism. It is also about evaluating why we consider Kit Carson to be a real hero.

Massacre at Point of Rocks is the gripping tale of historic events along the Santa Fe Trail in 1849. James White took his family ahead of the slow moving caravan to rush his wife and child to safety and comfort in Santa Fe. Met at Point of Rocks by Jicarilla Apaches, James was soon dead and his wife and child taken. He had powerful friends and she was the only white woman in New Mexico. The event could not be ignored and soon bounty hunters, dragoon cavalry and militia were on the trail hunting for the woman and her child. Persuaded to guide the army, Kit Carson found himself and his friends embroiled in a war not of his choosing.

I try to keep it absolutely real. The rivers and streams, mountains and trails, wildlife, economics, tools, weapons, cultures and food are all an important part of the story. Only by understanding the background can you really understand why the characters behave as they do. It’s so real that my wife, Debbie, says that reading about a meal makes her hungry, so she runs out to the kitchen to prepare the same meal. That said, I’ve included some Recipes.

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Doug Hocking has done himself proud. His writing flows smoothly, his historical references are spot on, and his action exciting. I recently read Kit Carson’s autobiography and found it to be one of the most interesting historical presentations I’ve ever read. And that is saying something, for I have studied western history for many years. Doug has captured much of this famous man and his exploits and deserves much credit for bringing him and his other wonderful characters to life. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.
This book is full of colorful and accurate detail about life at the time this story took place. It is always amusing, engaging, and entertaining. I greatly enjoyed reading it in it’s final form. I can hardly wait for the next book to be finished in which the Jicarilla outfox the cavalry.


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