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I would like to introduce to you Judith White.

  • How long have you been writing?

I’ve actually been dreaming of writing as far back as I can remember, however, I started getting serious about it 7 years ago and my first novel was published 6 years ago.


  • What’s your favorite part of writing?

Definitely creating characters. I love giving them an appearance and a personality. And I must admit that an absolutely wonderful feeling is having a story completed and debuting. It’s very exciting. Of course, reading individual reviews is always a big thrill for authors…me included.


  • What’s the title of your favorite book that you wrote?

I honestly feel with each novel, and I’ve written four plus one short story, I get better. But I’m not sure it would be easy to list a favorite. I believe (and I hope my readers do, too) that each story is unique and there are lively characters in all of them. I write 1940’s mysteries set in the city of Detroit, Michigan. The one character whom I have heard most of my readers rave about is my detective’s Great Uncle Derwood Flanagan. He’s an 88-year-old gentleman with an Irish brogue.  I believe they feel he’s been the most endearing. He was in my second novel, “Sins of the Father: The Case Files of Sam Flanagan.”


  • What book are you talking about today?

I think I will discuss my latest novel. “Drowning in Deception: The Case Files of Sam Flanagan” was released in early August of 2017.


  • What’s it about?

My detective, Sam Flanagan, worked for a time on the Detroit police force, but due to some butting of heads with his superiors…which he hasn’t divulged the exact nature of…he branched out on his own, opening “Flanagan Investigations”. In September of 1943, he is contacted by a gentleman who wants him to look into a matter. His wife drowned in their backyard six weeks prior. He feels uneasy as to how it happened. It seems she was an excellent swimmer, having won trophies for the sport while in school years ago. She was a lady that always used caution. So why did she end up dead in the water while he was away? As Sam delves into the case, and views the pool and lounging area, he doesn’t see how it could be an accident; which is what the Wayne County Coroner is calling it. It’s from there he begins to question her state of mind. Was this intentional on her part? Yet, why? She had everything going for her. If not an accident or suicide, dare he entertain a murder theory? But who would want to kill her? What Sam finds out even startles him.  I am most proud of my epilogue in this story. It’s a bit of an added surprise for my readers. And I believe it’s quite powerful.


  • Do you have a link to buy it on Amazon?

Readers can view all of my novels at my Amazon Author Page:  http://tinyurl.com/l5zc92b


  • Do you have any social media sites we should know about?

Yes, I have a Facebook Author Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorJudithWhite/

And I put out a really fun monthly newsletter. It’s filled with history, mystery, and book information. And I throw in games and a bit of trivia. The sign-up link is:


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