Johnny Bones, Tombstone, AZT

Nineteenth Century street performer, Johnny Bones, can be seen in Tombstone, AZT, most weekends. He performs playing the bones, spoons or chopsticks. During Rendezvous of Gunfighters he was joined by a young helper. Johnny Bones

Johnny Bones through the years 2005 to 2012

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Doug Hocking is an independent scholar who has completed advanced studies in American history, ethnology and historical archaeology. He grew up on the Jicarilla Apache Reservation and attended school among the Indios and paisanos of the Rio Arriba (Northern New Mexico). He retired from the military as an armored cavalry (scout) officer. His novels immerse the reader in the times, terrain and cultures of 19th century New Mexico. Doug lives near Tombstone with his wife, dogs and a feral cat. He writes both fiction and history and is currently working on a biography of Tom Jeffords and has two historical novels in print: Massacre at Point of Rocks and Mystery of Chaco Canyon. His articles have appeared in True West, Wild West, Buckskin Bulletin and Roundup.
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  1. Robert Johnson says:

    I want to use Johnny Bones on the cover of my book #2. Can send a picture of the cover of my 1st book. You can see it on Barnes and Noble or Amazon. My “pin” name is: Bill Blackarm. It’s called: “Turn Back, it’s a Trick!” Book #2 is a book about “progress” or lack thereof. For example : Our hero has been living on an island for almost 20 years. He has come back to America and has a name in his pocket. The name is someone his father had asked him to call when he got back to America. So he goes to a phone booth and starts to look up the mans’s phone number. A man walks by and sees what he is doing. He says: “You can’t get a phone number in the phone book.” Our hero says: “What?” and so on……..( You really can’t get a personal phone number from the phone book. It’s not like it use to be. Now people are “stocking” other people electronically. ) So that’s “progress”. The 2nd book is called: “The No Man, Man.” The “Man” is Cox Cable, The Electric Company, the Gas Company,….and so on. I think I paid $250.00 for the stock photo on the 1st book.
    Robert Johnson
    918 694 7775 (I am in Tucson, I have not changed my Okla. number yet. May never do it.)

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